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Tips on How to Stay Cool During the Summer

When the temperatures begin to rise and the Summer heat is bearing down, people need to find ways to cool down. Keeping cool in hot temperatures will help aid in the prevention of heat related sickness. Here are some tips for staying cool when you are outside and also when you are inside.

When you are outside, it is not always easy to escape high temperatures. Sporting events, picnics, a change of scenery whatever the reason for being outdoors, a person needs to cool down. Shade is always an easy way to escape. It can be many degrees cooler in a shaded area. If you are at home, you can place water misters similar to those found at parks. Water always helps a person cool down in hot temperatures.

This could be in the form of a swimming pool, the beach, sprinklers, a lake. It is also key to stay hydrated in hot temperatures to avoid heat stroke or heat exhaustion. For some, little battery operated fans help to escape the heat. Wearing light clothing with fabrics that breathe also can keep a person cooler. Light colors, especially white, reflect the sun rays and will help keep a person cooler.

It is typically easier to stay cool indoors. To conserve energy and save on cooling bills, keep windows shaded and covered with sun screens or Solar Sun Screens as we like to call them here in the desert. You will be surprised after applying Solar Sun Screens to all your windows and notice a 20 degreee difference in that same hot room that always seems to heat up on you.  If you have fans, the circulating air will cool things down. In some areas, swamp coolers help a person cool off. Central air conditioning units are another great way to keep a home cool during the summer months. Regulating the temperature you keep a home is important.

For example, if you turn down your air conditioning to a temperature that is low and you get cold and put on warmer clothing, you should consider turning it up a few degrees. Staying cool in the hot summer months does not mean keeping your home or apartment at arctic temperatures. One trick that can work is to step outside for a few minutes and come back inside. You will feel the difference in temperature. If you do not want to be home all day, going to a nice air conditioned store will prevent boredom.

Keeping cool is important during hot weather. It is more comfortable in the hotter months to stay cool. To prevent heat related illnesses, a person needs to stay cool and well hydrated. The way you cool down is up to you, but there are lots of options inside and outside to help you cool off when things heat up excessively.


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